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Welcome to Developing Your Organisation (DYO)

Developing Your Organisation is a resource for Queensland Community Organisations containing useful information such as manuals, handbooks, a nonprofit standard chart of accounts, checklists, streamed training videos, model forms, and precedent policies.

Originally funded by the Queensland Government Department of Families in 1994 for use by the Department's funded organisations and its resource officers, two subsequent updates have occurred with the latest being the 2008 version.

Refer to the Important Disclaimer and Conditions of Use

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Find out how to navigate and access all of the information the DYO wiki spaces has to offer.

There is also a video tour demonstrating how to navigate and access the information and resources available on the ATO website.

  • DYO Wiki Tours - including QUT Standard Chart of Accounts
  • ATO Nonprofit Website Tour *Updated December 2009*

    Transcripts of the tours are also available by clicking on the above links.

    To watch the video tours you will need Flash 9 installed.
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Links to other sites

A new discussion forum has been launched:

Why not try it?
NOTE this is not an ACPNS discussion forum; the link takes you away from this wiki. Use the "back" button on your browser to return to this page.

Strengthening Non-Government Organisations: Qld Dept of Communities - includes "Strengthening NGOs" strategy and Newsletters; and a link to Community Door website with links to resources for NGOs.

Standard Business Reporting Requirements — In an attempt to reduce the reporting burden for small businesses and streamline the myriad financial reporting requirements, Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has agreed to a financial reporting program for Australian businesses which is similar to the Standard Chart of Accounts tool developed by QUT.
— See the Standard Business Reporting Program (SBRP) for the reporting program and implementation plan

UK Charity Finance site
Site where you can register as a charity online and receive the Charity News alert - from the UK. It is likely that there will be a similar group in Australia after the Senate Economic Committee Inquiry.

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