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Welcome to Developing Your Organisation (DYO)

Developing Your Organisation is a resource for Queensland Community Organisations containing useful information such as manuals, handbooks, a nonprofit standard chart of accounts, checklists, streamed training videos, model forms, and precedent policies.

Originally funded by the Queensland Government Department of Families in 1994 for use by the Department's funded organisations and its resource officers, two subsequent updates have occurred with the latest being the 2008 version.

Refer to the Important Disclaimer and Conditions of Use


Information on nonprofit governance can be found on the Developing Your Board pages

Standard Chart of Accounts (grey lightbulb) no longer managed by ACPNS.

SEE National Standard Chart of Accounts >>>'Links to other sites'>>>





Links to other sites

Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)

National Standard Chart of Accounts

NSCOA (now hosted by the ACNC) provides a common approach to the capture of accounting information by nonprofit organisations, for use by the organisations themselves, and by relevant government agencies and other interested parties. It is a data dictionary and data entry tool; it is not a reporting tool.

Volunteering Australia

(with links to state volunteering organisations, e.g. Volunteering Queensland Inc)

UK Charity Finance site (for useful information and subscription to newsletter)
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