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This file should be downloaded in conjunction with MYOB software.

So that there is no issue with your MYOB licence, the file to be downloaded into MYOB is a text delimited or comma separated file.  There are suggested links between accounts and you should check your relevant tax codes.  

Instructions for downloading datafile: Note:  Download only one datafile, NOT BOTH
1. Right click on your preferred format (tab delimited or comma separatedMYOB Accounts Datafile or MYOB Accounts Datafile Alternative below.
2.  Select Save Target As. Save the file into C:\Program Files\MYOB... (depending on the file structure on your computer).
3. After having set up your MYOB file, you will need to import the Standard Chart of Accounts datafile.
4. Using File, Import Data, Accounts, choose the import file format (tab delimited or comma separated format). Leave First Record is as Header Record, change Duplicate Records to Update Existing Record.
5. You will get a screen headed Import Data - select the Match all tab, then the Import tab.  
6. You will get a message box that the update has occurred, select OK.
7. To ensure that you have been successful, check the Lists, Accounts in the normal way.

MYOB Accounts Datafile
MYOB Datafile (tab delimited)
File Type: .txt   File Size:  12.16 KB
Import using tab delimited [DYO:txt]

MYOB Accounts Datafile Alternative
MYOB Datafile (comma separated)
File Type: .txt   File Size:  12.17 KB
Import using comma separated [DYO:csv]

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