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These case notes have been made about recent cases of interest to nonprofit organisations.
Full case reports are usually available through AUSTLII.

Case Notes by Topic

Case Notes by Year

  • 2008

Singh v Singh; Flora trading as Flora Constructions v Budget Demolition & Excavation Pty Ltd 2008 NSWSC 386 (1 May 2008)
SinghvSingh.pdf File Type: PDF File Size: 11 KB
Whether committee members were suitably elected and new members properly admitted

  • 2007

Case Notes: Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Dick DYO:2007 NSWCA 190
File Type: pdf File Size: 17.75 KB
No defence under the Corporations Act.

Case Notes: Coleman v Liberal Party of Australia, New South Wales Division (No 2) \DYO:2007\ NSWSC 736 (6 July 2007)
File Type: pdf File Size: 19.84 KB
Concerning pre-selection

Case Notes: The Presbyterian Church (NSW) Property Trust v Scots Church Development Ltd \DYO:2007\ NSWSC 676 (29 June 2007)
File Type: pdf File Size: 19.89 KB
A question of trust

EDUCANG Ltd and Queensland Industrial Relations Commission & Queensland Independent Education Union
File Type: PDF (18kb) File Size: 17.58 KB
Whether the organisation was a Constitutional Corporation for the purposes of the Workplace Relations Act (as amended by the Work Choices legislation)?

  • 2006

Case Notes: Darkinjung Pty Ltd v Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Council & Ors; Hillig v Darkinjung Pty Ltd & Ors; Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Council v Warner & Ors \DYO:2006\ NSWSC 1008
File Type: pdf File Size: 26.88 KB
About the validity of a trust

Case Notes: Falvo v Australian Oztag Sports Asso iation and Anor \DYO:2006\ NSWCA 17 (13 February, 2 March 2006)
File Type: PDF File Size: 18.72 KB
Whether negligence was involved in a sporting injury.

Case Notes: Martin v The Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Sydney \DYO:2006\ NSWCA 132
File Type: PDF File Size: 17.94 KB
About the consequences of activities on a school 'adventure' camp.

Harmer v Shoalhaven Community Housing Scheme Limited \DYO:2006\ NSWIRComm 1165
File Type: PDF File Size: 18.15 KB
Concerning issues for nonprofit organizations under the Work Choices legislation.

Shree Sanatan Dharm Sabha of New South Wales Inc v Mani \DYO:2006\ NSWSC 657
File Type: PDF File Size: 16.68 KB
Concerning internal governance issues

Case Notes: Lombe v Wagga Leagues Club Ltd \DYO:2006\ NSWSC 3
File Type: PDF File Size: 30.19 KB
About problems with a deed of administration

Central Bayside Division of General Practice Ltd v Commissioner of State Revenue VCAT no. 2002/137; [DYO:2003] VSC 285;[DYO:2005] VSCA 168; \DYO:2006\ HCA 43.
File Type: PDF File Size: 17.68 KB
High Court decision regarding defining a charitable body.

Case Notes: ABC Developmental Learning Centres Pty Ltd v Wallace \DYO:2006\ VSC 171 (3 May 2006) 
File Type: PDF File Size: 15.91 KB
About employer liability for actions of staff in a childcare facility.

Save the Ridge Inc v Commonwealth \DYO:2006\ FCAFC 51
File Type: PDF File Size: 16.40 KB
An attempt to avoid paying legal costs.

Hetherington v Belyando Shire Council & Anor \DYO:2006\ QCA 209
File Type: PDF File Size: 11.44 KB
About occupier liability (i.e. occupiers of premises).

Ffrench v Sestili & Sestili v Triton Underwriting Insurance Agency P/L \DYO:2006\ SASC 44
File Type: PDF File Size: 16.89 KB
About an employer's liability for an employee's theft

South Sydney Junior Rugby League Club Limited v Commissioner of Taxation AATA 265 (21 March 2006)
File Type: PDF File Size: 15.74 KB
About liability for tax

Re Dennis Anthony Turner (in his capacity as liquidator of the Underbank Country Club Inc.)
File Type: PDF File Size: 16.66 KB
Concerning the distribution of a country club's assets

Guild of Students of Murdoch University v Patrick Walker, Commissioner of Fair Trading and Anor \DYO:2006\ WASCA 11
File Type: PDF File Size: 20.49 KB
Concerning distribution of property on winding up

Guides Australia Inc v McMartin \DYO:2006\ NSWCA 20
File Type: PDF File Size: 16.00 KB
About the consequences of breach of a duty of care

  • 2005

St George Soccer Football Association Inc v Soccer NSW Ltd \DYO:2005\ NSWSC 1288
File Type: PDF File Size: 16.81 KB
About exclusion from the New South Wales A Grade competition

Lenz v Trustees of the Catholic Church and Anor [DYO:2005] NSWCA 446
File Type: PDF File Size: 17.75 KB
About volunteer liability

Meehan v Cunningham District Bowls Association
File Type: PDF File Size: 20.29 KB

Yachting Australia Incorporated v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue \DYO:2005\ NSWADT
File Type: PDF File Size: 14.45 KB
Nonprofit sporting body seeks tax exemption

File Type: PDF File Size: 17.55 KB
Seeking income tax exemption for an institution involved in the advancement of religion

NSW Arabian Horse Assn Inc v Olympic Co-Ordination Authority \DYO:2005\ NSWCA
File Type: PDF File Size: 16.80 KB
Concering a breach of contract involving a matter of public liability

Battenberg vs Union Club \DYO:2005\ NSWSC 242
File Type: PDF File Size: 14.81 KB
Implications of bankruptcy on membership of a company limited by guarantee

Swain v Waverley Municipal Council \DYO:2005\ HCA 4
File Type: Adobe Acrobat File Size: 8.87 KB
An important case on public liability issues.

McCracken v Melbourne Storm Rugby League Football Club \DYO:2005\ NSWSC 107
File Type: Adobe Acrobat File Size: 9.62 KB
A case about an injury during a football match.

Medical Defence Association of WA v ASIC [DYO:2004] FCA 1684 \DYO:2005\ FCA 80
File Type: Adobe Acrobat File Size: 15.77 KB
About converting an incorporated association to a company

Melbourne Anglican Trust Corporation vs Attorney-General VIC
File Type: PDF File Size: 19.71 KB
Regarding the importance of respecting the stated purposes of the trust.

Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association vs Commissioner of State Revenue
File Type: PDF File Size: 17.89 KB
About whether duty was payable on a land transaction.

Percy (AP) vs Church of Scotland Board of National Mission
File Type: PDF File Size: 20.85 KB
Regarding unfair dismissal and unlawful sexual discrimination

Magro vs Fremantle Football Club
File Type: PDF File Size: 19.57 KB
Football club - whether misleading and deceptive conduct under the Trade Practices Act in regard to employment contract for assistant coach

Baird vs State of Queensland
File Type: PDF File Size: 20.28 KB
Concerning discrimination against indigenous workers on former Queensland missions.

  • 2004

File Size: 27.74 KB
About the difficulties involved in a Western Australian incorporated association's attempt to become a company.

Iwave Pty Ltd vs Break O'Day Business Enterprise Board Inc (2004) TASSC 43
File Type: PDF File Size: 17.10 KB
Concering a dispute between joint venturers

Australian Karate Federation (QLD) Inc v Australian Karate Federation \DYO:2004\ QSC 53
File Type: PDF File Size: 9.41 KB
Concerns an attempt to terminate an incorporated association's membership of an umbrella body

Parish of St Michael of the Ukranian Autocephalic Orthodox Church in Adelaide Inc \DYO:2004\ SASC 69
File Type: PDF File Size: 14.92 KB
About court involvement in an amendment to an incorporated association's constitution

Thorpe vs Adelaide University Post-Graduate Students' Assoc. Inc \DYO:2004\ SASC 438
File Type: PDF File Size: 14.13 KB
Was a person duly elected as president of a university association?

Frewin v Emmdale Sports Club & Anor \DYO:2004\ NSWSC 860
File Type: Adobe Acrobat File Size: 11.93 KB
A case about insurance and public liability

McCorquodale v Masterson Case Notes \DYO:2004\ FCA 1247
File Type: Adobe Acrobat File Size: 9.32 KB
Trademark case involving a nonprofit organisation

QBE Workers Compensation v Wandiyali A.T.S.I. Incorporated ; S E Kilroy - Applicant \DYO:2004\ NSWSC 1022
File Type: Adobe Acrobat File Size: 12.69 KB
Winding up an incorporated association in NSW

  • 2003

Walker, Ex parte Fremantle Islamic Assoc Inc (2003) WASCA 252
File Type: PDF File Size: 15.86 KB
About cancellation of an association's incorporation.

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