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Other Governance Resources
  • It's Your Business a resource to assist NGOs improve governance and board skills, from NSW Department of Ageing Disability and Home Care
  • Nonprofit Assist a Brisbane-based firm, established to help small to medium nonprofit organisations with information, peer support, strategic planning and governance assistance.
  • Board Matters, newsletter of Governance and Management Pty Ltd. You can subscribe or view articles from back issues.
  • Matrix on Board – resources page. MOB is a consultancy with experience in the nonprofit sector. This page includes links to resources on financial management, governance and accountability.
  • BoardConnect – BoardConnect is an initiative of Positive Solutions, which specialises in helping nonprofit arts organisations. Their Resources page includes links to fact sheets about board issues, websites and recommended publications. Subscribe to their email newsletter from the 'News' tab.
  • Building Better Boards conference 2008 – powerpoints and presentation materials from the 2008 conference are available free.
  • Australian Standard 8000--2003: Corporate governance - Good governance principles available for purchase from SAIGlobal – includes guidance for nonprofit organisations
  • Clubs Queensland has put together a corporate governance kit for clubs which may also be useful for other nonprofits. Titled Corporate Governance Circuit Breakers, the resource pack is a summary of the Corporate Governance Manual for Queensland Clubs.
  • Governance Mattersis a wiki managed by Dr Gavin Nicholson and provided to postgraduate students studying business governance. It provides information that will be relevant and useful to nonprofit organisations.
  • NCVO (U.K.) Governance and Leadership – the Board and Governance – support for good governance in the voluntary and community sector in the UK.
  • CAF Southern Africa – Draft Code of Good Governance – an initiative led by Inyathelo, the Institute for Advancement, to produce a new governance code for Southern African NGOs.
  • The Source: 12 Principles of governance that power exceptional boards – a summary by BoardSource (U.S.) of one of their publications. BoardSource has a large range of resources for nonprofit boards – although many are only for purchase, some are available for free download or free to members.
  • One World Trust online portal for civil society self-regulation initiatives across 80 countries – codes of conduct, certification schemes, working groups, self-assessments and information services
  • Good Governance Guide by Governance Matters (U.S.) – based around the "pivotal role of the funder in raising the standards" of nonprofit board performance
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