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Interested in joining us? Check out our Jobs page.

Research areas

Our areas of research interest include:

  • Autonomous localisation, mapping and navigation
  • Vision for robotics and automation
  • Sensor networks
  • Biologically or neurologically inspired robots
  • Indoor and outdoor autonomous aerial robotics
  • Field robotics for monitoring terrestrial ecosystems
  • Compliant mechanisms for locomotion, manipulation
  • and human robot interaction
  • Learning and adaptive systems
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Health and medical robotics


We have a rich collection of robotic platforms for indoor and outdoor operation.


  • Rethink Robotics: Baxter robot
  • Kinova: Mico arm


  • Adept: Guiabot
  • Aldebaran (Softbank) Nao robots (x4)
  • Clear Path Robotics: Husky
  • John Deere Gator with RoPro conversion (AgBot I)
  • AgBot II (designed and prototyped in-house)
  • Robotnik Summit XL
  • Pioneer DXs, iCreate, Turtlebot


  • Mikrokopter
  • Ascending Technologies Firefly hexacopter
  • Flamingo
  • Swinglet

Water surface vehicle

  • Marine Advanced Research 16 WAM-V

  • Inference Environmental Monitoring Boat System (x4 boats)

  • RobotX Boat


  • YSI Ecomapper

We also have an extensive collection of sensors and computing assets and a fully equipped laboratory space for proto-typing designs.


We have a Robotics and Autonomous seminar every Tuesday at 11am.  Everybody welcome, although location may vary from week to week.

Seminar Schedule


Most of us are located on level 11 of S-block (CyPhy lab), which is on the south side of QUT's Garden's Point campus, see visiting us.   Our field robotics work happens in a lab in O-block (agriculture, boat), and P-block (underwater).

CyPhy Laboratory Photos

O116 Field Robot Lab


Gordon and Peter start the lab in 2010.  They are alleged to have said "We are going to do Robotics in a big way".


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