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Ben Upcroft

Contact Details

Ben Upcroft
Science and Engineering Faculty
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 
Queensland University of Technology

Gardens Point, S Block 1127
2 George Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000
phone: + 61 7 3138 7158 | email:


Please see our Robotics@QUT webpage for more information on our group's research.

Brief bio

My interests lie in the development of vision systems for long term robotic applications ranging from underwater and ground to airborne autonomous platforms. The overarching theme of my work is in visual perception for robotics and some of the major areas I have contributed to include: 

1.      Multiple robotic platforms that communicate visual maps to other robots and humans building a consolidated representation of a large scale outdoor environment. Vision was the primary sensor for perceiving the world with a focus on representations that could be communicated efficiently, fused with other information consistently, in a decentralised manner [link to pdf].
2.      A full-sized commercial vehicle able to navigate and localise in urban environments. The vehicle was able to obey traffic rules and drive within lanes, strongly aided by visual information. This was the only Australian entrant to the USA Urban DARPA Grand Challenge which was a major demonstrator for the capabilities of robotics in civilian spaces [link to pdf].
3.     Robust multiview vision algorithms for robots in harsh and challenging environments. I have developed short baseline stereo algorithms that are robust to vibrations and pressure changes between stereo cameras with views of environments at long ranges. This work is particularly suited to vision only pose estimation and 3D reconstructions of visual observations from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and autonomous submersibles.[link to pdf]
4. Localising robots across extreme lighting and weather conditions using monocular and stereo vision. We can show that a robot can recognise that it has revisited a location under massive changes in appearance.[link to pdf] [link to pdf]
5. In a previous life, I was an experimental physicist and worked on atom cooling where we showed quantum dynamic tunnelling for the first time. [link to pdf]

Career History

Associate Professor, Queensland University of Technology, 2014-present
Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology, 2011-2014
Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland, 2007-2011
Postdoctoral Fellow (Robotics), University of Sydney, 2004-2007
PhD. (Physics) 2004, University of Queensland
B. Sc. (Physics) 1999, University of Queensland


PhD Students Wanted!

Range of scholarships up to $35,000 per annum for quality applicants,+Vision+and+Sensor+Networking+at+QUT

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