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Robots and Sensor Platforms I'm Currently Using

These platforms were constructed and are maintained by my postdocs and students.

Baxter is used to demonstrate sweet pepper (capsicum) picking.
A Husky used to demonstrate in-field sweet pepper (capsicum) harvesting.
The AgBot II designed for working in coordinated teams to control weeds in farms. This platform was designed and built by Robotics@QUT.
The Flamingo - A research platform for developing enabling technologies such as vision based detect and avoid during Smart Skies, the Automated Emergency Landing System during Project ResQu and environmental sensing. General applications include surveillance/monitoring.

An indoor robot called Guiabot by Adept Technologies fitted with a Stereo Camera rig and using ROS. Used for persistent navigation tasks using vision only.

An Ecomapper by YSI for underwater stereo mapping.

A scale model Robin 2160 radio controlled aircraft.
This aircraft contains an onboard computer system with XSens INS/GPS and a pair of Pt Grey Flea2
cameras in a stereo configuration for SLAM and visual odometry tasks.

For ground datasets and research, a manually driven Mazda 323 with a pair of Pt Grey Flea2 cameras is used in a stereo configuration with XSens INS/GPS placed on the top of the vehicle.

Past Robots

The following are robots that I worked with during my time at the University of Queensland

The AgBot I used to demonstrate autonomous weeding using vision during the day and night.

A manually driven haul truck used for mapping and obstacle detection

A shovel used for SLAM experiments in mining environments

Our first UAV in our group at UQ

The pan-tilt platform used to record Haybusa's hypersonic reentry and its spectrum.

I worked with these robots at my time at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics, University of Sydney

Our entrant to the Urban DARPA Grand Challenge

An autonomous all-terrain vehicle we used for decentralised data fusion and mapping

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle we used for decentralised data fusion and mapping

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