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Automatic Multi-Camera Calibration

Automatic Multi-Camera Calibration (AMCC) Toolbox

Visual SLAM and Vision-Only Navigation

See the ROS wiki page here

Old Software Projects no longer supported

Acid Vision

David McKinnon has developed a C++ Computer Vision library called ACID Vision. My students and I are using this software as a tool for mobile robotics.

The library consists of approximately 100,000 lines of C/C++, GLSL, CUDA and CG code and is intended to provide a platform for Computer Vision research and commercialisation based activities. The library is written on top of VXL but incorporates the use of VTK, Qt as well as a range of smaller open-source libraries. Consequently, the software runs on all major operating systems and we are currently porting to Android for mobile robotics applications.


Orca is an open-source framework for developing component-based robotic systems. It provides the means for defining and developing the building-blocks which can be pieced together to form arbitrarily complex robotic systems, from single vehicles to distributed sensor networks. We used this software for the DARPA Grand Challenge and have contributed to a number of the components. Unfortunately, this software is no longer actively supported.

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