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Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Feras Dayoub works on enabling mobile robots to operate in everyday environments for long periods of time.
  • Ruth Schulz works on human cues for robotic exploration
  • Sareh Shirazi works on learning affordances in the world using scene context.
  • Niko Suenderhauf works on visual place recognition
  • David Ball works on agricultural robotics
  • Chris McCool works on visual classification of agricultural crops

My Students

  • Adam Tow works on learning actions from vision
  • Sean McMahon works on learning affordances for robotic tasks
  • Fahimeh Rezazadegan works on learning human intention
  • Timothy Morris works on vision-only navigation 
  • Alex Bewley is working on automatically learning and classifying dynamic objects from a moving platform
  • Ben Talbot (Associate Supervisor) is working on using human cues such as the web and signs for robot navigation in previously unseen places.
  • Andrew English (Associate Supervisor) Coverage navigation under uncertainty for field robots 

Past Students

  • Michael Warren worked on vision-based metric SLAM for airborne scenarios.
  • Hu He worked on 3D visual segmentation.
  • Phil Cadell worked on embedded mesh networks for multiple robotic sensors with wireless timing accurate to less than 100 microsec.
  • Razmi Khan worked on visual servoing for high speed atmospheric reentry vehicles
  • Iain Williams worked on terrain based SLAM in mining environments
  • Michael Shiel worked on embedded hierarchical inertial navigation
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