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Where do I begin?

Answer: Run the Example.m file which demonstrates some basic functionality of the toolkit. The Examples page also provides more coding examples.

Will the toolkit work with Windows/MacOS/Linux on 32-bit/64-bit MATLAB?

Answer: The toolkit was developed on a Windows 64-bit platform with 64-bit MATLAB R2013a thus has been extensively tested under this configuration. It will work under different configurations however you may have issues connecting to the EV3 brick especially through USB. Please ensure you have the latest version of the toolkit as configuration compatibility has improved since the initial release. 

What versions of MATLAB are compatible with the toolkit?

Answer: The toolkit was developed on MATLAB R2013a so it should be compatible with versions after this. The toolkit has also been shown to work with R2012x and R2011b. It does not work on versions prior to and including MATLAB R2009a due to changes in object functionality. 

I get a 'loadlibrary' error or an 'Invalid MEX file' error when trying to connect to the EV3 brick using USB - help!

Answer: Early versions of the toolkit had issues with 'loadlibrary' and loading the hidapi shared library files. Make sure you have downloaded the most recent version of the toolbox as USB connectivity has greatly improved. If you still are having problems then please contact me.

How can I connect to the EV3 brick using a Bluetooth module in Windows?

Answer: You must have the instrumentation and control MATLAB toolbox to enable Bluetooth connections on Windows. If you have the toolbox then you can create a Bluetooth connection to the EV3 with following constructor call
b = Brick('ioType','instrbt','btDevice','EV3','btChannel',1)

Do I need to install any special firmware on the EV3 brick for the toolkit?

Answer: The toolkit will work with the default EV3 firmware.

How do I read the sensors and/or move the motors?

Answer: Sensor information is given here. Motor information is given here. Additional coding examples are given here

How can I get a WiFi connection to work?

Answer: The default firmware will only work with a Netgear WNA1100 WiFi dongle. I have modified the default firmware and produced a firmware file which is compatible with the EDIMAX EW-7811Un adaptor as detailed here. Instructions on connecting the brick through WiFi can be found here. Note that you will have to modify your MATLAB Java class path for this to work using the wfBrickIO object.

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