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Indoor Level 7 S-Block Dataset

This indoor dataset was taken on level 7 of S-Block QUT Gardens Point campus. The data contains stereo images, laser data and wheel odometry in addition to secondary data such as camera calibrations and transforms between sensors. This data was collected over a single continuous run over the level with the Guiabot platform under manual control.

This dataset has been released for free and public use in testing and evaluating stereo visual odometry and visual SLAM algorithms.


A map of the traversed path

The platform used for experiments

Sensor layout

Example imagery

YouTube video showing the trajectory

If you use this dataset in your own work we request that you cite our paper Experimental comparison of odometry approaches Bib,Ris,XML (EndNote) in your bibliography.

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Links are provided to the ROS bag file below. The full and truncated datasets are available as split ~2.0GB files.

Un-Split after files downloaded:

-- "copy /b file1 + file2 + fileX output_file"
-- Then use 7zip to extract ros bag file.

-- "cat file.tar.gz.part-* | tar xz"


Dataset Title

ROS Bag file

Full Indoor Level 7 S-Block Dataset (~2004 seconds and 25055 frames)

  • Stereo Images + Calibration
  • Odometry
  • Laser
  • Transforms

3747 Frame Subset (~300 seconds Frames 1 to 3747)

  • Stereo Images + Calibration
  • Odometry
  • Laser
  • Transforms

Basic Indoor Level 7 S-Block Dataset (~2004 seconds)

  • Odometry
  • Laser
  • Transforms


Localized Indoor Level 7 S-Block Dataset (~2004 seconds)

  • AMCL Pose
  • Fine Grain AMCL Pose
  • Odometry
  • Transforms
  • Map
Map Indoor Level 7 S-Block Dataset


Dataset Authors

Timothy Morris
Liz Murphy

Please direct any dataset queries or issues to Timothy Morris.