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The following are guidelines and are allowed to be broken!


There are three goals of this informal session:

  1. To provide you with the opportunity to improve your presentation skills, and for you to gain constructive feedback about your content and presentation skills
  2. Give you the chance to practice articulating an idea across to an audience in a short time period, and
  3. Provide the opportunity to allow you to present your research to the group, and hence encourage collaboration and cross-pollination


  • The setting is informal, and you set your own context and style, for example
    • You can present a technical 3 minute conference-like presentation for your peers, or
    • A improvised piece directed for members of the general public
  • Choose your own pitch topic. You can present anything,
    • Your own research,
    • An experiment, paper, or something else you are currently working on,
    • A summary of someone's else work (i.e. a paper, or a conference presentation),
    • A random thought or opinion about a start-up or a hot-topic (i.e. robots are taking our jobs) 
  • Feel free to use slides but please bring them on a USB in PDF format so we don't have any hassles
  • Each speaker will have up to 3 minutes, but if you only need 30 seconds that is fine
  • Each speaker will gain feedback, if they desire, and either offline or online, written or verbal
  • Each session will have up to 5 pitches (approximately 3 minutes each plus feedback plus swap over time)
  • We can record your session if you wish so you can see yourself present

Feedback Points:

The following areas are places you could give or receive feedback

  • Speech
    • Rate, Pitch, Volume
  • Posture
    • Tall, Slumped, Leaning
  • Presence
    • Calm, Confused, Focused, Scattered
  • Content
    • Formal/Informal Language, Story/Argument Flow, Stutters, Filler Words (ums, arghs) 
  • Body Language
    • Does it match with what you're saying, and how you're saying it


Informal Pitch sessions will be run fortnightly between 1-1.45pm. Each cycle will see the day rotate between Thursday and Friday. If you wish to pitch please add your name to the event description on the date you wish to pitch. Note: No more than 4 people per event and MAKE SURE you only edit the single instance of the event (checkbox labeled - Edit this Instance Only)!


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