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Click on the hyperlinked description to download the file. Note my original dataset repository has closed so some of these links may be dead, I am in the process of porting those datasets to a new repository. In the meantime please contact me if you have an urgent need.

You may need to right click the file and select download to get the file - some browsers will try and open the file rather than downloading it.

IROS 2014

Gardens Point Walking/South Bank Bicycle - Day/Night with Lateral Pose Change (Glover, submitted)

ACRA 2014 (Pepperell, Corke, Milford) 

Dataset Collection

ICRA 2014 – All-Environment Visual Place Recognition with SMART (published)

RC Alderley – Left
RC Alderley -- Right
Surfers Paradise – Day
Surfers Paradise – Night

ACRA 2013 – Towards Persistent Visual Navigation using SMART (published)

Surfers Paradise – Day
Surfers Paradise – Night

JFR (Submitted)

IJRR2013 (Published)

Eynsham Dataset:

  • See the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group website

Rowrah Dataset:

Pikes Peak Datasets:

Mt Cootha Dataset: 

Office2 Dataset

Corridor Dataset

Brain-Based Sensor Fusion Datasets (to be published in ICRA 2013)

The ROS bag-file has been zip-compiled using a file size limit of 1.8 gig resulting in 2 files, which can be reconstituted using a program such as 7-zip:

Long Exposure Localization in Darkness Using Consumer Cameras (to be published in ICRA2013)

Video cropping parameters (x-offset, y-offset, width, height):

  • Dataset 1-Dataset 2: 160,100,320,140,176,100,320,140
  • Dataset 3-Dataset 4: None
  • Dataset 3-Dataset 5: 0,0,640,364,0,0,640,424

FSR2012 (Published)

ICRA2012 (Published)

Video accompanying paper

Nurburgring Datasets

Alderley Day-night Sun-rain Dataset

Note you may have to configure your web browser to download files rather than attempt to play them in the browser. This may involve disabling plugins like QuickTime, VLC and so forth.

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