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Research Positions

We have a range of exciting research projects with postdoctoral positions available, across topics spanning some or all of the following fields: robotics, computer vision and computational neuroscience.We have a team of highly motivated researchers and new additions to the team are always welcome! 

Milford lab as of July 2014. From left to right: Zetao Chen (PhD student), Edward Pepperell (PhD student), Me (Michael Milford, group leader), Obadiah Lam (Research Assistant), Stephanie Lowry (PhD student), Adam Jacobson (PhD student).

Robotic Vision Centre of Excellence: 1 Postdoctoral Position Available

I am a Chief Investigator on the new Australian Research Council Robotic Vision Centre of Excellence. As part of this project, I will be leading a 7 year research project on Robust Visual Representations in robotics, which will involve both postdoctoral research fellows and PhD students.

Australian Research Council Future Fellowship: Superhuman place recognition with a unified model of human visual processing and rodent spatial memory: 1 Postdoctoral Position, 1 Research Assistant Position

Current robotic and personal navigation systems leave much to be desired; GPS only works in open outdoor areas, lasers are expensive and cameras are highly sensitive to changing environmental conditions. In contrast, nature has evolved superb navigation systems. This project will solve the challenging problem of place recognition, a key component of navigation, by modelling the visual recognition skills of humans and the rodent spatial memory system. This approach combines the best understood and most capable components of place recognition in nature to create a whole more capable than its parts. The project will produce advances in robotic and personal navigation technology and lead to breakthroughs in our understanding of the brain.

I have positions available for a postdoctoral researcher and a part-time research assistant. This project is a strongly interdisciplinary one spanning neuroscience, robotics and computer vision and candidates will require experience or a skill set that facilitates this interdisciplinary approach. Researchers will have the very challenging but rewarding task of achieving research breakthroughs that impact multiple disciplines simultaneously.

Application Process

Step 1: Get in touch with me.

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