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µAV (mUAV) - Open Source Palm Sized Quadrotor 

(micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

 Chief Investigators

Peter Corke

Chris Lehnert

Honours Students

Toby Lockley

Matthew Mcdade


muAV project repository

External Pages

Open source brushless motor controller



The aim of this project is to develop an open source micro unmanned aerial vehicle that is capable of autonomously nagivating within an indoor environment, which also fits in the palm of your hand.The concept has been designed to be cheap and easily constructed by using a single PCB board as the mechanical and electrical design of the system. An image of the final design is shown below.


A git repository was created to share the open source project files. These include the electrical schematic and PCB files; mechanical 3D model and software source files. A link to the repository can be found under the downloads section - 29/11/2013