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This page has the MATLAB code for the RatSLAM algorithm and two datasets. The code is released under the GNU GPL v3 license.

If you use this code please reference the following paper:
David Ball, Scott Heath, Michael Milford, Gordon Wyeth, Janet Wiles (2010) A navigating rat animat, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems, 804-811, MIT Press


Download the code and unzip.

Download the desired data set. For the xvid compressed video you may need a codec. For windows K-Lite Codec Pack is good, otherwise try the ffdshow from sourceforge.

See the readme.txt file for further instructions.

Note this code is intended to demonstrate how RatSLAM works and allow you to test your own datasets. Unlike our C++/ROS OpenRatSLAM version, it is not optimised and will slow down for large datasets. If you write a better MATLAB version please let us know.

For code support, please contact David Ball

Code Download

The following code releases are available for download. You will mostly likely want the latest version.

  File Modified
ZIP Archive 31 May, 2012 by ball7
ZIP Archive 31 May, 2012 by ball7
ZIP Archive 31 May, 2012 by ball7

Dataset Download

St Lucia dataset

The below datasets have been deprecated - however any forward facing camera footage from a ground-plane-based vehicle will be suitable.

Outdoor - St Lucia - Small Test (Uncompressed, 48MB)
Outdoor - St Lucia - Several Loops (FFDSHOW - XVID, 132MB)
Indoor - Axon 5 - Small Test (Uncompressed, 112MB)
Indoor - Axon 5 - Small Test (Odometry, 100KB)
Indoor - Axon 5 - Long Test (FFDSHOW - XVID, 31MB)
Indoor - Axon 5 - Long Test (Odometry, 500KB)

Potential Issues

Note that the code was last updated in 2009. If there is a problem, it will most likely be how MATLAB loads the video files.

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