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Dr Thierry Peynot | Senior Lecturer | School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Science and Engineering Faculty | Queensland University of Technology (QUT)  

Phone: + 61 7 3138 6903 | email: t.peynot at

Gardens Point, S Block 1126 | 2 George Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000

Short Bio

I am a Senior Lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia. Between Dec. 2007 and Jan. 2014 I was a Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR), The University of Sydney, Australia. I remain a Honorary Research Fellow of the University of Sydney.

Before moving to Australia, I was an Associate Lecturer (or fixed-term Assistant Professor) at the University Toulouse III between 2005 and 2007. I received my PhD and MSc degrees from the Institut National Polytechnique (INP) of Toulouse in 2006 and 2002, respectively. Both theses were prepared at LAAS-CNRS. In 2005, I visited the NASA Ames Research Centre, in California, to work on the Collaborative Decision System (CDS) program, which was awarded the NASA Group Achievement Award in 2006.

My current research interests include Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGV), planetary rovers, persistent autonomy, sensor data fusion, perception integrity, resilient perception using multiple sensing modalities and resilient navigation.

Scientific Community Service




See the QUT ePrints for a fairly complete list. 

See also my Google Scholar profile.


Interested in doing a research degree (PhD or Masters) in robotics at QUT? Go to this page: <PhD Projects in Robotics at QUT> and see the process for applying. 

Postgraduate Students

As an Honorary Research Fellow of the University of Sydney since I left ACFR, I continue to co-supervise postgraduate students there. 

Current PhD Students (Principal Supervisor):

  • Andres Felipe Marmol Velez, PhD (QUT), started in 2015.
  • Jeffrey Devaraj, PhD (QUT), started in 2016.
  • Leo Stanislas, PhD (QUT), started in 2016.
  • Marcos Paul Gerardo Castro, PhD (The University of Sydney), Multiple-Sensing-Modality Data Fusion for Reliable Perception in Outdoor Environments, since 2011.

Alumni (Postgraduate Students):

  • Ken Ho, PhD (The University of Sydney), Traversability Estimation in Partially Occluded and Deformable Terrain. Completed in 2015.
  • Angela Lui Masters by Research (The University of Sydney), Learned Stochastic Mobility Prediction for Planning on Unstructured Terrain. Completed in 2015.
  • Christopher Brunner, PhD (The University of Sydney), Resilient Perception for Outdoor Unmanned Ground Vehicles. Completed in 2014.
  • Rowan McAllister, Masters by Research (The University of Sydney), Motion Planning and Stochastic Control with Experimental Validation on a Planetary Rover. Completed in 2012. Now PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge, UK, in the Machine Learning group.


I am currently teaching two units at QUT:

  • EGB220: Mechatronics Design 1, Semester 1 (formerly ENB229: Mechatronics Project 1) - Lecturer
  • ENB301: Instrumentation and Control, Semester 1 - Lecturer
  • ENB458: Modern Control Systems, Semester 2 - Unit Coordinator and Lecturer


More details coming soon...

To start with, you can check out the Marulan Datasets, that I published while I was at the ACFR, University of Sydney. Plenty of good data from visual cameras, infrared camera, laser scanners, mm-wave Radar, all collected with an ummanned ground vehicle in a rural environment, with localisation and calibration parameters. Many of the tests were done in challenging environmental conditions (e.g. presence of smoke, dust or rain, or at night).  

Past Activities

Here is a link to my previous home page at ACFR.



More details coming soon...


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