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A page documenting preliminary investigations into the utility of ultra-zoom consumer cameras. I'm using a $400 Panasonic Lumix FZ70. All footage is hand-held (stabilization is amazing).

Precise Localization of Tracking Imagery at High Zoom

If you want to track an object at speed and localize it precisely and your base platform is moving or cheap - so extremely accurate encoder or IMU-based information is not available - you can use our image-based alignment algorithms to spatially localize high zoom video within a larger low zoom reference image.

Infrastructure Monitoring

No quadrotor? No occupational health and safety requirements? No problems. Step back, take a photo, zoom in, focus on the areas of interest, and our algorithms will automatically locate and register your high zoom, high detail images against the overall reference image.



Road Bitumen





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  1. These image sequences are over what kind of time scale?

  2. Near-instantaneous but the infrastructure monitoring ones will work as long as there is some signal above random noise (so across big change, just like the SeqSLAM day-night datasets). Obviously the cloud ones won't work long term - but in this usage scenario, you'd have two sensors, one zoomed out, one zoomed in, processing simultaneously.