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Our research involves an analysis of people and their behaviours, particularly within engaging situations and contexts. We’re interested in understanding people’s perceptions, their behaviours and their experiences as they interact with playful technology. We apply principles, concepts and theories from psychology, cognitive science, sociology, HCI and interaction design in this process. From a design perspective, our research employs novel methods, tools and technologies to create new, engaging experiences. We develop and evaluate applications and systems that have been designed to engage and motivate. Much of our research is conducted within a computer gaming context.

Our team are working on a variety of projects.


  • Daniel Johnson (Lab Director): Videogame Player Experience, Measurement of Player Motivation
  • Penny Sweetser: GameFlow, Game Design and Engagement, Young Children and Active Screen Time
  • Peta Wyeth: Game-based Learning, Play-based Accessible Interactions, Play with Tangible and Mobile Technology

Postgraduate Research Students

  • Alex Baldwin: Multiplayer Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment
  • Adric Clifton: Playful Robots
  • David Conroy: Game AI and Engagement
  • Joshua Hall: Motivation and Learning Outcomes in Educational Games
  • Amy Inchamnan: Creative Thinking and Game Play
  • Mitchell McEwan: Game Play, Control Devices and Engagement
  • Nicole McMahon: Player Personality, Gameplay activities and the Player Experience
  • Kellie Vella: Social Modes of Videogames Play and Wellbeing
  • Zachary Fitz-Walter: Gamification design and user experience
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