BRE Connect

QUT Library now provides access to BRE publications online.  BRE Connect Online is based on The Construction Information Service, a fully searchable and intelligently classified source of information for the construction industry.  Users can also view the abstracts of 27,000 other documents from more than 475 other construction publishers (including BSI, TRL, CIBSE, CIRIA, etc).  Subject Areas include...

  • Planning and development
  • Civil engineering and public utilities
  • Building types
  • Building structure
  • Windows and doors
  • Coverings and surface finishes
  • Fittings and equipment
  • External works and landscaping
  • Building services
  • Materials
  • Construction site equipment
  • Legal issues and management

To access the database search the library catalogue for BRE Connect or alternatively access it directly via the Library's database page.

Once you are logged in click on the BRE connect view product icon as highlighted in the image below.

BRE (Building Research Establishment) is a world leading research and consultancy group delivering sustainability and innovation across the built environment and beyond.   For more information about BRE visit

On 1 April 2012 IEEE will release the new IEEE Business Platform, a suite of applications powered by a new services-oriented architecture which includes key enhancements to IEEE Xplore, Member Join and Renewal, individual account profile management and the IEEE eCommerce experience.

While many new features will be added to IEEE Xplore with this release, there are two important items to note:

  • IEEE Account (personal account) user name change: After the launch, individuals signing in with an IEEE Account user name (the personal account user name which is used to set individual preferences) will be prompted to change their current user name to their e-mail address. Institutional user names and access are not affected and will remain the same.
  • Saved Searches and Search History will be deleted: All current saved searches and search history records will be DELETED with this release. We encourage all users to copy and paste their saved searches into a document so they can recreate the search after launch. Table of Contents alerts are not affected and will remain active.
  • New features incorporated into IEEE Xplore with this release include:
  • Enhanced and more streamlined abstract page
  • Enhanced browsing by title with the inclusion of refinements
  • More prominent institutional branding
  • New placement of sign in links for personal accounts and institutional accounts
  • New and improved IEEE personal account registration process
  • New citation diagram
  • And more
    Learn more about the new features:

 See our new features web page:

QUT Library has the following range of Research Support Workshops and Seminars available.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Bradbury on or X88336* *

Technologies for Research Collaboration

Time:              10:00-11:30am

Date:             Friday 30th March, 2012

Venue:          V401, Training Room, Level 4, Library, Gardens Point

Using effective collaborative technologies can greatly enhance communication with collaborative partners.  Technology has greatly improved collaboration in the research sector.  QUT and external organisations provide a range of technologies designed to facilitate and expedite collaboration between QUT and external researchers.  This workshop will present an array of collaborative tools and technologies for research purposes, including EVO, ARCS Data Fabric, Google Docs and Groups, QUT Wiki and Sharepoint.  There will be an opportunity to try some of the technologies showcased.

Please register for the Technologies for Research Collaboration session

Tracking Research Impact

Time:              2:00-3:30pm

Date:             Monday 2nd April, 2012

Venue:          V401, Training Room, Level 4, Library, Gardens Point

This hands-on workshop will allow you to explore a range of tools that demonstrate impact of research publications.  Citation metrics and webometrics are increasingly used to track research impact and demonstrate the influence of research. Citation analysis makes it possible to understand the impact of a particular work (journal article, conference paper, book) as indicated by citations by other scholars.

Please register for the Tracking Research Impact session

Managing Research Data

Time:              10:00-11:00am

Date:             Friday 13th April, 2012

Venue:          R614, Level 6, Library, Kelvin Grove

Funding bodies and governments now often have specific requirements for data management.   For example, in ARC Funding Agreement for Discovery Projects for 2010, data management requirements are in Section 20, on page 18.  There are also fundamental data management issues that apply to most disciplines, formats, and projects.  A data management plan will not only help you properly manage your research data for your own use, but also ensure you meet funder requirements and/or enable data sharing in the future.  This seminar will explore and discuss the main issues that should be the focus of any data management plan
Please register for the Managing Research Data session

EndNote Essentials 

Various workshops available at both Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point campuses

This workshop will equip you with the skills necessary to create and manage EndNote libraries. No prior knowledge of EndNote is necessary.
Please register for the EndNote session

Complete Streets is now accessible online in PDF format.

IPWEA (Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia) has reviewed and revamped the original Queensland Streets manual to give you a national guidline in Complete Streets: A dynamic document, Complete Streets is a community focused comprehensive how-to-kit for contemporary urban street design that will produce quality streets, urban spaces and neighbourhoods.

You can access Complete Streets via the library catalogue:

QUT library now provides access to the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Manual of Concrete Practice (MCP) online instead of on cd-rom.

The Online MCP contains all of the ACI documents you need to answer your questions about code requirements, specifications, tolerances, concrete proportions, construction methods, evaluations of test results, and many more topics. In fact, the Online MCP includes over 4600 pages and 180 of the most used documents on concrete technology.

You can access the MCP online via the library catalogue or via the database page

In 2012 the TILS Research Support Seminar Series will run the following sessions.

Go to the TILS Research Skills Seminars & Workshops page, then click on TILS Research Support Seminar Series.

On the next page you will see the list of sessions. Select the name of the session to see session dates and times and also to Register.

Creative Commons: What is it and why do I need to know? (session)

This session will describe Creative Commons and how researchers may use it. The six different Licence Types and attributions required will be discussed. Copyright and Public Domain will be reviewed, with special focus on where and how Creative Commons sits between them. Strategies on finding Creative Commons and copyright free images will be explored.

Managing research data (session)

Most research data is now born digital, which means it is vulnerable yet researchers are obliged to retain the data for up to 15 years in some cases. Good practice, in relation to the management of digital research data, will guard against catastrophic loss. Good practice is the result of careful planning.

Technologies for research collaboration (session)

Choosing the best technology - EVO, Skype, Sharepoint, Google groups etc

ARC DECRA: Tracking Research Impact Workshop (session)

This workshop is for Early Career Researchers who are preparing Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) applications. This hands-on session will focus on: Gathering citations and other indicators of research impact, relevant to DECRA: Part C2 and C3.

Uploading publications to QUT ePrints: Workshop (session)

This workshop will provide practical guidance on how to submit publications to QUT ePrints. It will also provide an overview of QUT ePrints' new features that can help you track your research impact. Publication records in QUT ePrints now include citation data from Scopus and Web of Science. There is also a link to Google Scholar to facilitate access to the citations tracked by Google. Learn more about how adding the accepted version of your published item to ePrints increases the visibility of your research outputs.

Tracking Research Impact (session)

Citation tracking makes it possible to understand the impact of a particular work (journal article, conference paper, book) as indicated by citations by other scholars. While citation metrics and webometrics are increasingly used to track research impact and demonstrate influence of research, citation and publishing patterns vary between disciplines. This hands-on workshop will allow you to explore a range of tools that assist in demonstrating research impact.

External datasets for your research (session)

The Library's External Research Dataset Service facilitates access to confidential and secure datasets for QUT staff and eligible research students including PhD, Masters by Research, and Honours students. These datasets can be accessed at no cost to QUT staff and research students. This session will provide an overview of the range of external research datasets (restricted and open) available to QUT researchers. Examples of restricted databases available include: Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA), Longitudinal Studies of Children Australian and New Zealand(LSAC) , Longitudinal Studies of Indigenous Children (LSIC) and ABS CURFS.

High Performance Computing and Research Support (HPC) Overview (session)

The HPC group offers research support services in areas such as scientific, engineering, data analysis software, data visualisation, eResearch, high end computing platforms, and advanced information and communication technologies (e.g. Access Grid). This session will outline who the HPC group are and what they have to offer, including case studies and demonstrations of technical facilities. This session will highlight how the HPC group can help you to enhance your research outcomes and productivity.

Library Essentials for Research Students (session)

This is an overview of key library resources and services that can support you through your research candidature. It will include information about support available in the library and these topics: Liaison Librarians, Document Delivery, EndNote, tips on managing research data, keeping up to date with information, publishing strategies, QUT ePrints, tracking citations, copyright in relation to your thesis, and more.

Towards the end of last year the following new electronic products/journals; new electronic products (one-off payments) and new ebooks/ebook collections’ purchases of relevance to the Faculty of Science and Engineering were approved.

In the new electronic products/journals section below those currently not available but available shortly have been indicated. All the rest have catalogue records.

Additional new electronic products/journal subscriptions from 2012

QUT Library will subscribe from 2012 to the following new electronic products/journals of relevance to the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Access via the QUT Library catalogue.

Brendan Sinnamon : School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering

IMechE Journals (18 Journals in Collection)

Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining

Small (nanotechnology)

International Journal of Nanoscience (IJN)

International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing (IJSM)

Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Nature Chemistry

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Digital Library (On trial in 2012)

Biomedical engineering : applications, basis, and communications.

International journal of air-conditioning and refrigeration.

International journal of modeling, simulation and scientific computing.

Journal of multiscale modelling

Nano : brief reports and reviews


Surface review and letters

Craig Milne : School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment

Complete Streets: Guidelines for Urban Street Design : Not Available Yet

Smart and Sustainable Built Environment (Smart and Sustainable Built Environment (SASBE) will fall into EM Plus for 2012, therefore we do not need an individual subscription for this title.) : Not Available Yet

Journal of Structural Fire Engineering

Advances in Structural Engineering, An International Journal

Advanced steel construction : an international journal. : Not Available Yet.

Ann-Maree Graham : Information Systems School

The Library Quarterly ( Catalogue indicates access but doesn’t seem to be – need to investigate.)

Information Systems Research

Journal of Library and Information Services in Distance Learning : Not Available Yet.

ICGA Journal : ICGA Journal : Not Available Yet.

PlayStation: official magazine-Australia

Xbox 360

PC Gamer

International Journal of Knowledge-based Development

Gabrielle Hayes : School of Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences & School of Mathematical Sciences

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (G3)

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics

Nature Climate Change

INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) suite of 12 journals.

Graham Dawson : School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Aviation Security International : Not Available Yet.

Journal of Airport Management

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing

All areas.

Berkeley Electronic Press suite of journals. Do a Journal Title search for Berkeley Electronic Press to see the list of titles. A few titles relevant.

Additional Knovel Subject Areas

Additional Knovel subject areas we have access to. Note there are no catalogue records as yet..

Knovel : Subject Area : Transportation Engineering : Access available via Knovel.

Knovel : Subject area :  Process Design, Control & Automation : Access available via Knovel.

Knovel : Subject area : Industrial Engineering & Operations Management : Access available via Knovel.

Knovel : Subject area : Nanotechnology : Access available via Knovel.

Knovel : Subject area : Optics & Photonics : Access available via Knovel.

Knovel : Subject area : Mining Engineering & Extractive Metallurgy : Access available via Knovel.


New Electronic Products (One-Off Payments) : Available from January 2012

QUT Library will provide from 2012 access to the following new electronic products (one-off payments) of relevance to the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Access via the QUT Library catalogue.

Electronic Products

Nanotechnologies for the Life Sciences (2011)

NSI/HI Pump Standards Version : CD-ROM 3.0

Protein Science Encyclopedia (2008)

Comprehensive biotechnology (2011)

Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010)

Journal Backfiles

Wiley Radiology Backfile Collection

Wiley Mathematics Backfile Collection

Wiley-Blackwell Medicine and Nursing Backfiles                   

Wiley-Blackwell Neurology, Neurosurgery & Pain Medicine Backfiles                     

Wiley-Blackwell Neuroscience Backfiles

Wiley-Blackwell Analytical Sciences Backfiles

Wiley-Blackwell Earth and Environmental Sciences Backfiles

ScienceDirect Environmental Sciences Backfile

Taylor and Francis Online - Engineering, Computing & Technology Backfile

Cambridge Journals Digital Archive - Science Technology & Medicine Collection

ImechE Proceedings Archive, 1847 - 1996


Ebooks/ebook collections’ purchases : Available from January 2012

QUT Library will provide from 2012 access to the following ebooks/ebook collections of relevance to the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

IEEE Wiley eBook collection

IEEE eLearning Tutorials (Whole Collection : 218 courses : IEEE estimates they will add 40-100 per year) : No catalogue records or database record as yet. Access via the database IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

SpringerLink ebooks - Chemistry and Materials Science (2011)

SpringerLink ebooks - Chemistry and Materials Science (2005-2010)

SpringerLink ebooks - Engineering (2011)

SpringerLink ebooks - Engineering (2005-2010)

SpringerLink ebooks - Earth and Environmental Science (2011)

SpringerLink ebooks - Earth & Environmental Science (2005-2010)

SpringerLink ebooks - Mathematics and Statistics (2011)

SpringerLink ebooks - Mathematics and Statistics (2005-2010)

SpringerLink ebooks - Biomedical and Life Sciences (2011)

SpringerLink ebooks - Biomedical and Life Sciences (2005-2010)

SpringerLink ebooks - Physics and Astronomy (2011)

SpringerLink ebooks - Physics and Astronomy (2005-2010)

SpringerLink ebooks - Computer Science (2011)

SpringerLink ebooks - Professional Computing and Applied Computing (2011)

SpringerLink ebooks - Professional Computing and Applied Computing (2005-2010)

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recently announced that, from July 2012, they would be requiring researchers to deposit an open access copy of any journal article arising from NHMRC-funded research to an institutional repository within 12 months of the publication date.

The new policy aligns the NHMRC with the practices of other international health and medical research funding agencies such as the National Institutes of Health in the US, the UK Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust.

Look up Wiley Encyclopaedia in QUT Library catalogue|]
Comprehensive reference work that defines the entire discipline, bringing together the core knowledge from every one of the many specialties encompassed by electrical and electronics engineering. It is the ideal starting point for research projects, whether addressing basic questions in power systems and communications, or learning advanced applications in neural networks and robotics. In addition to electrical and electronics engineering applications, the Encyclopedia features important topics of interest to engineers, including: education; historical background of fields in electrical and electronics engineering; patents; technology and society; and computer and software engineering.