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A printed copy of each of the following will be available to conference participants.

Issues sheets

ACPNS has produced some brief issues sheets on various aspects of Australian fundraising regulation. A hard copy wil be provided to conference participants. They are not finalised and meant only for the use of the conference participants at this stage. Comments are welcome.

1. This sheet looks at the total number of fundraising registrations, government fundraising staff, complaints and prosecutions.

Fundraising issues sheet_registered fundrais_2012.pdf

2. This sheet examines the national nonprofit regulation inquiries that have made fundraising recommendations over the last 15 years.

Fundraising issues sheet_government inquiries.pdf

3.This sheet looks at the fundraising acts and regulations in each jurisdiction and their development.

Fundraising issues sheet_legisn growth.pdf

4. This sheet examines the offences and penalties under fundraising legislation.

Fundraising issues sheet_Offences penalties.pdf

5. This sheet examines the exemption from fundraising regulation in each Australian jurisdiction.

Fundraising issues sheet_Exclusns and exemptns.pdf

6. This sheet looks at the nature of annual returns in each jurisdicition.

Fundraising issues sheet_annual returns and records.pdf

7. This sheet examines the legislative requirements for keeping records and information required for annual returns.

Fundraising issues sheet_Records and returns reqts.pdf

8. This sheet looks at the use of 'ratios' in Australian fundraising legislation.

Fundraising issues sheets_using ratios.pdf

9.This sheet examines the regulation of collection boxes in each jurisdiction.

Fundraising issues sheets_collection boxes.pdf

10. This sheet examines the regulation of clothing bins and bags in each jurisdiction.

Fundraising issue sheet_clothing bins.pdf

11. This sheet examines the regulations relating to children being involved in appeals.

Fundraising issues sheets_participation of children.pdf

12. This sheet considers provisions for web-based or internet fundraising in Australia

Fundraising issue sheet_web based appeals.pdf

13. This sheet outlines provisions for use of commercial fundraisers

Fundraising issues sheets_commercial fundraisers.pdf

14. This sheet outlines the results of a time and cost survey of applications to conduct fundraising in relevant Australian states and territories

Fundraising issue sheet_Time-cost fundraising.pdf

Conference papers

The following papers will be delivered or referred to at the Reforming Fundraising Regulation conference.

'Regulation of Charitable Solicitations in the United States of America' by Putnam Barber

USA Barber.pdf Type=pdf file. Size=1.31MB

'Governing Private Governance: Evolving Approaches to the Regulation of Charitable Fundraising in Canada' by Susan D Phillips

Phillips_Governing Private Governance.pdf Type=pdf file. Size=801KB

'Diversifying and Strengthening Regulation of Fundraising and Charitable Solicitation in Asia: Recent Experience in India, China, Singapore, the Philippines, and Taiwan' by Mark Sidel

Sidel Fundraising and Charitable Solicitation Regulation in Asia draft.pdf Type=pdf file. Size=270KB
Sidel Appendix A PRC Hunan draft regulations on solicitation of donations 2010.pdf Type=pdf file. Size=283KB

'The Perks and Perils of Non-statutory Fundraising Regulatory Regimes: An Anglo-­Irish Perspective' by Dr Oonagh B. Breen

Breen,_Perks_and_Perils,_Apr_1,_2011.pdf Type=pdf file. Size=434KB

'The Expenditure Efficiency of Australian International Aid Organisations' by Matt O'Connor, Chris Ryan and Helen Irvine

O'Connor et al_expend effic_draft_040411.pdf Type=pdf file. Size=216KB

'National proposals for reform of Australian Fundraising' by Myles McGregor-Lowndes

National proposals_MML (ISTR).pdf Type=pdf file. Size=313KB

'Fundraising Legislation in Australia: the Exemptions and Exceptions Maze' by Myles McGregor-Lowndes and Frances Hannah

Exemptions and exceptions_MML and FH.pdf Type=pdf file. Size=891KB


REGULATING CHARITABLE SOLICITATION PRACTICES - THE SEARCH FOR A HYBRID SOLUTION, Oonagh Breen, Financial Accountability & Management, 25(1), February 2009

'The True Cost of Fundraising: Should Donors Care?' A. Sargeant , E. Jay and S. Lee.

'Ratio Discrimination in Charity Fundraising: the Inappropriate Use of Cost Ratios has Harmful Side Effects' by Richard Steinberg and Debra Morris

'Charity Watchdogs and the Limits of Information-Based Regulation' by Rebecca Szper and Aseem Prakash

'The Mandatory Disclosure of Cost of Fundraising Ratios: Does it achieve the regulators' purposes?' by Ted Flack
Fund costs Flack wp26.pdf Type=pdf file. Size=372KB

'Regulating the Not-for-Profit Sector' by Susan Pascoe

NFP_Research_Pascoe.pdf Type=pdf file. Size=312KB

McGregor-Lowndes, Myles, Flack, Ted, Poole, Glenn,   & Marsden, Stephen (2014) Defining and Accounting for Fundraising Income and Expenses. 

Nonprofit Overhead Cost Project, a joint project of the Urban Institute Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy & Indiana University, Center on Philanthropy

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