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Developing Streamlined and Seamless Regulation of Nonprofit Organisations

This is the home of the ACPNS Nonprofit Model Law Project.
Over the past fifteen years, myriad national inquiries have made over 150 recommendations for reform of nonprofit law and policy, which have largely not been acted upon. At the State level there have been a number of uncoordinated attempts at reform of fundraising and incorporated association legislation, marked by long delays between proposal and only partial implementation.
The freedom of citizens to associate through nonprofit organisations without hindrance and with an independent voice is foundational to a vibrant civil society, the creation of social capital and a culture of philanthropy. It also underpins a healthy democracy. For Australian nonprofit organisations to be able to operate with ease across State and Territory borders, coordination of regulation and harmonisation of the law are essential.
Australian nonprofit organisations and, in turn, the Australian community will be served better by a nationally consistent legislative, regulatory and policy environment.
This project will work collaboratively to develop model laws for the Australian Nonprofit Sector.



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The Nonprofit Model Law Project (NMLP)
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Government Reviews and Proposals
  • Recent Federal Reviews
    • Finance for the Not for Profit Sector Senate Economics References Committee – includes report Investing for good: the development of a capital market for the not-for-profit sector in Australia, (November 2011) and government response (June 2012)
    • Consultation on Unrelated Business Income Tax
    • Treasury consultation – Improving the Integrity of Public Ancillary Funds (2010)
    • Treasury consultation – Scoping Study for a national Not-for-Profit Regulator (2011)

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