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Please visit my linkedin web-page at:

or Personnel-page at: 

My name is ZongYuan Ge, I am a last year PhD candidate at Queensland University of Technology working on Project "Environmental Computer Vision".

My supervisors are Prof Peter Corke and Dr Christopher Mccool. My interest area is in computer vision and machine learning.

I have obtained my Bachelor degree from Australian National University. 





Current Research Projects:

I am now working on a project to classify animals under challenging scenarios under the supervision of Prof Peter Corke and Dr Chris Mccool. 

This question is under the discipline of fine-grained classification problem.




My first stage is to build a large scale fish dataset for the project,

Fish Dataset here.

``Local Inter-Session Variability Modelling for Object Classification'' will appear in WACV 2014 in Steamboat Spring, CO, USA.

Side Project:

Food recognition is also an interesting problem to look at. I am applying some techniques from face and voice authentication into a dataset collected by Keiji Yanai Lab in Japan.

PhD related files:

My stage two report can be found here:



I am now playing Brisbane Commercial Soccer League for QUT FC.

I have also done some advertising drawing work for my father: 

Contact Details:

ZongYuan Ge | PhD Candidate | School of Engineering 
Faculty of Science and Engineering | Australian Centre for Robotic Vision & Queensland University of Technology
Gardens Point, S Block 1105 | 2 George Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000

personal email:
work E-mail:



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