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Queensland Compact News - COMSIS is now available

In September 2009, the Community Services Information System (COMSIS) was released to the sector as part of the government's commitment to the Queensland Compact. COMSIS provides fast and free access to accurate and up-to-date data at a state, local government and statistical local area level to support evidence-based decision making. Also available are Disadvantage-Need-Risk (DNR) rankings which are a method to identify and rank the high priority groups/locations across Queensland using a combination of measures of disadvantage, need and risk. To assist with the promotion of this valuable resource, a brochure has been produced to provide more information about COMSIS. To access both PDF and RTF versions of the brochure, please click here

Senate Economic Committee Inquiry Submissions

Full December 2008 Report

Other Research papers

Queensland Legislative Assemby Public Works Committee review of the Auditor-General's Report on nonprofits (September 2009) and government response - summary document Document copied from original papers to form a summary of information.

The Smith Family CPA Conference paper

Dr Rob Simon, Head of Research and Social Policy, The Smith Family, CPA Conference, Embracing the Next Generation of Governments, Brisbane, 22 March 2007   The Smith Family CPA Paper

Research Working Paper: Red Tape Cost of Government Grants  

Ryan, C, Newton, C & McGregor-Lowndes, M (March 2008) How long is a Piece of Red Tape? The paperwork Reporting Cost of Government Grants   
Working Paper No. CPNS 39, The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, QUT

Movement on Australian NPO Accounting Standards  

Financial Reporting Council: The Use of a Sector Neutral Framework for the Making of Australian Accounting Standards.

Flack, T., & Ryan, C. (2005). Financial reporting by Australian nonprofit organisations: dilemmas posed by Government funders. Australian Journal of Public Administration, 64(3), 69-77.

News from the Queensland Launch (October 2006):

Launch of Nonprofit Standard Chart of Accounts - Speech by Neil Roberts, Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure

Parliamentary Secretary Speech
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23 October 2006

Launch of Nonprofit Standard Chart of Accounts: Speech by Glenn Poole, Auditor-General of Queensland

Auditor General's Speech
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23 October 2006

News from New South Wales

NSW Premier's Public Sector Awards 2007 - Nominations booklet

NSW 2007 Premier's Public Sector Awards
Category: Delivering Better Services: Department of Commmunity Services New South Wales Standard Chart of Accounts Project (p13) - 27 nominations received for this category.  This nomination acknowledges the initiative via the measurable outcomes and the proven results and benefits particularly to the New South Wales funded human services organisations.

NSW Standard Chart of Accounts NEWSLETTER 1

NSW SCOA Newsletter
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January 2007

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