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RSS feed allow you to track updates and news on your favourite websites easily by having them all delivered to you in the one place. Instead of checking on each of your favourite websites regularly for news, your subscription has them all delivered to you in the one place.

You will need an RSS newsreader (also sometimes called an aggregator) to subscribe to RSS feeds. Once you have the newsreader, your news and updates will be delivered to your email inbox, your phone or your webpage - wherever you choose to view your news feeds.

This short YouTube film, RSS in Plain English, is a simple explanation of how it all works and how to set it up.

On the CPNS wiki (including the DYO and DYB wiki pages) you can subscribe to an RSS feed of news items just by clicking on the orange RSS icon. You can see the RSS icon in the News items box on the CPNS Wiki Home page and on the DYB Home page.

RSS Newsreaders

The following are some popular RSS newsreader programs for various operating systems. You can find a more comprehensive list on Google's open directory



Mac OS X

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