The Robotic Vision Centre of Excellence has just been featured in The Australian newspaper. Click on the thumbnail to access a larger version.

Stunning achievement lab.  I was expecting about half that number.  Fingers crossed.

The CyPhy lab has had 12 papers accepted to the 2014 International Conference on Robotics and Automation, to be held in Hong Kong in May, 2014. We are also co-chairs of three workshops that have been accepted to the conference.

New ARC Centre of Excellence

QUT is leading a new ARC Centre of Excellence in Robotic Vision, with partners U. Adelaide, ANU and Monash.  Overseas partners are Oxford, Imperial, ETH, INRIA and Georgia Tech.  Some details on the round can be found on the ARC website.

FSR2013 is over

We've just finished hosting a very successful Field and Service Robotics Conference here at QUT, jointly organised with CSIRO.  We held the meeting in the forum, in the round, with the presenter in the middle surrounded by the audience.  It worked really well.


The next meeting in this series will be June 2015 in Toronto.

PhD student Zetao Chen has won the inaugural Ray Jarvis best paper award at the 2013 Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation for the paper:

"Towards Bio-inspired Place Recognition over Multiple Spatial Scales," Zetao Chen, Adam Jacobson, Ugur Murat Erdem, Michael Hasselmo and Michael Milford

This paper was a collaborative paper led by QUT with neuroscientists at Boston University. The award has been established in memory of Emeritus Professor Ray Jarvis, a pioneer in Australian robotics.

The lab also had two other best paper finalists:

Best Student Paper Finalist:

"Towards Bio-inspired Place Recognition over Multiple Spatial Scales," Zetao Chen, Adam Jacobson, Ugur Murat Erdem, Michael Hasselmo and Michael Milford

Best Paper Finalist:

"Towards Condition-Invariant, Top-Down Visual Place Recognition," Michael Milford, Walter Scheirer, Eleonora Vig and David Cox

This paper was a result of collaborative work led by QUT with computer vision and neuroscience researchers at Harvard University.

IROS2013 Best Paper Award

Our lab director Peter Corke has jointly won the IROS2013 Best Paper Award for his paper: "Dealing with Shadows: Capturing Intrinsic Scene Appearance for Image-based Outdoor Localisation" in conjunction with his co-authors Rohan Paul, Winston Churchill and Paul Newman. Congratulations guys!  Congratulations also to Maxime Meilland and Andrew Comport as joint winners.

We're looking to grow the team.  All details about the positions are here.

11 ACRA Papers Accepted

The CyPhy lab has had 11 papers (only 10 visible in photo) accepted to the 2013 Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation (ACRA), including mostly student-led papers and several international collaborative papers. Well done to all involved and see you in Sydney in December!

Robotronica - Guiabot navigating in a crowded space

Over 20K people visited the QUT Robotronica 18-08-2013... many passing through P-Block to escort the Guiabot as it roamed around level 4 all day.


Gordon and Michael are at the 2013 Microsoft Robotics Faculty Summit in Redmond, Washington, where Bill Gates gave the opening plenary.

Gordon asked Bill how the robot revolution was going.

Video (award presentation, Bill talks, Gordon interrogates Bill):


Congratulations to Michael Warren for picking up the best student interactive presentation at RSS 2013! You can have a look at the paper here:

Agbot Field Trial

QUT's Agbot has spent a productive week on our partner's farm near Emerald, and successfully demonstrated row following, waypoint following, obstacle avoidance and multi-robot coordination. The high efficiency uber-light was demonstrated for 24 hour operation (see pic above). Very exciting to see the real robot in action on a real farm!

Here's a YouTube video of the robot in action.

The CyPhy lab project in agricultural robotics received a huge boost in the Queensland State government budget with $3 million to develop new robots for broad-acre farming as well as fruit and veg harvesting. To quote the budget papers:
"The Government will provide additional funding of $3 million over three years from 2013-14 to undertake research in a project with the Queensland University of Technology to develop and fast-track Farm Robotics technology that will re-invigorate productivity growth through increased production and reduced farm input costs. This will continue to support Queensland's world-class research and development capabilities in robotics and its innovative dynamic farm sector."

Here's aYouTube video about the project.

QLD Premier gets AgBot Demo

Premier Newman visited the Gardens Point campus today and received a first-hand demonstration of the AgBot in action, being driven autonomously with Andrew English at the wheel to supervise. Lots of smiles, laughs and discussion all-round!