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Generic Training Manual
Generic Training Manual.pdf
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Complete Generic Training Manual

Table of Contents
Generic Contents.pdf
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Part 1: Introduction, Frequently Asked Questions, Chart of Accounts (with data dictionary)
Generic Part 1 - Intro & Chart of Acs.pdfFile Type: PDF   File Size:  69.95 KB

Part 2: Processing Transactions
Generic Part 2 - Processing transactions.pdf
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Part 3: Transactions Unique to Nonprofit Organisations
Generic Part 3 - Trans Unique to NPOs.pdf
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Part 4: Getting Ready for Year-End
Generic Part 4 - Getting Ready for Year-End.pdf
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Part 5: Glossary
Generic Part 5 - Glossary.pdf
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Part 6: Forms and Documents
Generic Part 6 - Sample Documents.pdf
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Part 7: Useful Websites for Bookkeepers
Generic Part 7 - Useful Websites.pdf
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Part 8: Index
Generic Part 8 - Index.pdf
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Appendix 1: Standard Chart of Accounts 2006
Std Chart of Accounts 2006.pdf
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Appendix 2: Producing Budgets and Acquittal Reports from Spreadsheets
Generic Appendix 1.21Sept06.pdf
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Appendix 3: Spreadsheet Budget and Acquittal
Generic Spreadsheets Budgets & Acquittals 20 Sept06.xls
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